Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Irresponsible people annoy me

diving has been fun this week. however, today we had an incident that could've easily been avoided. there were to new divers on the boat today, a mom & her 13 year old daughter. These were the Obama supporters I bitched about on Twitter yesterday.
as they were new to this operation the divemaster gave them a full briefing, whereas the rest of us dive here regularly.
Once in the water, the mom stayed up & close to the divemaster, while the daughter kept hanging back, looking at stuff & going much deeper than both the plan & her experience level. several of us had to hang back & get her to ascend & stay with the group while the divemaster tended to her mom way up ahead.
Later, they had to surface much sooner than the rest of us, w/the divemaster, leaving us to spend the rest of our hour on our own. Not a problem, as we dive here all the time, but it caused another chain of events that put another of us in danger.
Once at the surface, the little brat then proceeded to yell at the divemaster for discussing with her the importance of following the dive plan.
It would have been so easy to let the little brat learn a valuable lesson of what happens when you don't follow the rules, however, that's not how we're wired. sadly if this happens again we'll probably be stuck once again cleaning up this family's mess.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pre-vacation rant

OK, I couldn't come up with an idea for a bra rant. I suppose that means I'm healthy, being a guy who doesn't cross-dress (or at least admit to it).

Anyway, I love weekends before dive trips, because it forces me to start working on our trip list. We usually take out our dive luggage & start packing the gear that we know we'll be taking.

My biggest dilemma this trip is deciding which wet suit to pack. Usually for May, I dive a 3 mil suit, but I've been getting cold recently. Compounding that is that I've lost 8 pounds since January, which was when I took my last trip. Plus, I think the water temps have been running 1-2 degrees colder than this time last year (up your fucking ass, Al Gore!). Problem if I take a 5 mil is that it may be so hot topside that I'll have to gear down during every surface interval so I don't melt. I'll probably go with the 3 mil & freeze my ass off for the last 15 minutes of every dive.

I also need to go through my music library & decide what to load on my phone, which is also my mp3 player. Since the wife is coming with on this trip, it's out with the Soft Cell, Pet Shop Boys, Scissor Sisters & Fall Out Boy (yes, those guys are fucking fags, too) & in with more "beach-type" stuff. As long as you define "beach-type" stuff as metal, and lots of it.

The thing I love about where we stay is that there's no TV, and aside from our phones & netbook, no real communication w/civilization. Besides twitter, I may check sports scores, but I sure as fuck won't be checking for updates on our self-important asshat President. A week without having to listen to that pompous fuck is a vacation in an of itself.

I will probably post any cool underwater pics & videos here, twitpic and/or facebook. If I take any non-embarrassing topside pix, I'll post those as well.

Oh, and I'm not into dudes. I just like making jokes that make it look like I am.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Congratulations, you found me! I will be using this site to post commentary and/or media that I can't squeeze into 140 characters.

Those of you that know me know I really enjoy scuba diving. Before our asshat President took charge & began implementing socialism, the wife & I had grand plans to retire early and spend that time diving, especially in Cozumel, where we've combined to log around 200 dives alone.

We still have big plans, but have had to temper them so our tax dollars can be used to subsidize fucking deadbeats who can't make their mortgage payments because they bought more house than they could afford. But that's a rant for another time.

In any event, welcome & enjoy!