Monday, May 11, 2009


Congratulations, you found me! I will be using this site to post commentary and/or media that I can't squeeze into 140 characters.

Those of you that know me know I really enjoy scuba diving. Before our asshat President took charge & began implementing socialism, the wife & I had grand plans to retire early and spend that time diving, especially in Cozumel, where we've combined to log around 200 dives alone.

We still have big plans, but have had to temper them so our tax dollars can be used to subsidize fucking deadbeats who can't make their mortgage payments because they bought more house than they could afford. But that's a rant for another time.

In any event, welcome & enjoy!


  1. #1, I doubt you know what socialism is, with the exception of what your god, Glen Beck, tells you. People like you annoy me, and I feel a little sorry for you. You spend your days pining for the era of Dubya, when you don't realize that he is the one that royal screwed things up for nearly the entire world. Give me ONE good thing that that Pres. Chimpy McCokespoon did for our country (and I don't mean the Tax cuts for the 2.2 percent of the country that was accomplished by reconciliation). I think once you realize and accept that we have a black president, and get over that, you will acctually start to listen to him and see that he is doing a HELL of a lot more that what the administration before him did in 8 years. Oh, and don't try to give us the, "...oh, he kept our country safe from terrorists..." - WRONG! He was the one who told the CIA when they told him about Bin Ladin's freaks learning to fly, and not to land, "ok, you covered your ass, now go away."
    Like I said, I feel sorry for you, and hope that you come to the light. We liberals, unlike the neo-cons, are forgiving. Have a nice day.