Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Irresponsible people annoy me

diving has been fun this week. however, today we had an incident that could've easily been avoided. there were to new divers on the boat today, a mom & her 13 year old daughter. These were the Obama supporters I bitched about on Twitter yesterday.
as they were new to this operation the divemaster gave them a full briefing, whereas the rest of us dive here regularly.
Once in the water, the mom stayed up & close to the divemaster, while the daughter kept hanging back, looking at stuff & going much deeper than both the plan & her experience level. several of us had to hang back & get her to ascend & stay with the group while the divemaster tended to her mom way up ahead.
Later, they had to surface much sooner than the rest of us, w/the divemaster, leaving us to spend the rest of our hour on our own. Not a problem, as we dive here all the time, but it caused another chain of events that put another of us in danger.
Once at the surface, the little brat then proceeded to yell at the divemaster for discussing with her the importance of following the dive plan.
It would have been so easy to let the little brat learn a valuable lesson of what happens when you don't follow the rules, however, that's not how we're wired. sadly if this happens again we'll probably be stuck once again cleaning up this family's mess.

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